Australia,BI-EASON Habilatory Group was founded in 2000 in Melbourne,operates mainly in the international fashion for men and women clothing,children's clothes,purses,shoes,perfume and so close to fashion,run popular,simple atmospheric the design of a unified brand image,a sound management system,just a few years time,Australia is fast becoming well-known clothing brands.

Relying on high-quality products,advanced production CAD systems and improving the marketing system has been developed in Australia is currently 52 stores,sales shop all over Australia to become the new darling of the Australian fashion industry.

In 2004-2005,BI-EASON Fashion Group related products launched in Europe and the United States once,in exquisite fabrics,tailoring and design of Europe and the United States market to fame,winning the European and American markets in favor of pop person,sales by leaps and bounds.

in 2006,the Corporation into Asia,and the production of the first point-of-sale in mainland East Asia,which opened a brand global BI-EASON an important chapter in the development strategy.The trend of the local culture clothing design,fit the shape,cutting a perfect fit the modern embodiment of the unique charm of oriental women.